Do you know recruiters scan the social media profiles of candidates to know them better?  It helps them understand the candidates, reviews from the previous working platforms, skills and other aspects.  Thus, there is so much to leverage from social media than just scrolling feeds. If you update your profile and play your cards right, you may land your dream job.

The blog helps you with the best strategies to update and prepare your social media profile. It will help you know the best parameters to attract potential employers.

How to use social media to get a good job offer?

In such a competitive job market and salary package, you must up your game to get noticed by employers. Having a well-prepared social media profile grants you the flexibility to grab a suitable job. Jazzing up your online presence and getting tricky with what you post online can land you a dream job. Let’s understand the best strategies to use your social media pages to get the right job:

1) Set up your LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn is one of the most active social media platforms to search for relevant job openings and get noticed. Thus, anyone seeking jobs should update his LinkedIn profile. Thus, complete your profile by including:

  • Your educational background
  • Your current location
  • Your professional headline and summary
  • Up-to-date profile and professional picture
  • Any notable skills that you share or that go relevant to the industry
  • Concise explanation of previous job roles and responsibilities

Apart from this, add a link to your resume if you have it online. It will help the employer get a clear overview of your achievements, work experience and skills.

2) Remain active on social media

Preparing your social media is not the end. Be active to get the eyeballs. Now, you must be thinking- “ What should I post about?” Many students stepping into the job journey have this query. If you have one, you can post about:

  • Articles from a domain relevant to your industry
  • Lessons you have learned from your professional journey so far
  • Success stories and achievements
  • Advice that reveals your expertise
  • A piece of knowledge that helps your connections

For example, if you are a fashion designer or aspiring to be one, you can share insights on the existing apparel trends from your perspective and add uniqueness.

3)  Interact with relevant

Companies like to hire individuals who share the same passion and interests as the company. Reveal that your values and beliefs align well with the company’s and that you ‘d be a good fit. You can do this by searching for the best companies that you wish to build a career with. Everyone has that one company that they wish to work with. Thus, reveal your passion for their activities and goals. Let them know that you are an active follower and learn constantly from them. You can also visit the company’s social media page, repost its content, and engage regularly. You should do so, especially if the company demands an audience opinion.

It’s okay to be strategic in your communication but keep your messages and comments professional. Interacting with some companies requires a LinkedIn premium version. It may be beneficial for individuals seeking the best employment opportunities.  Check the premium version costs for 3 months. You can utilise this phase to build your profile and interact with the best employers.

However, if in university and your part-time income does not support additional expenses, get no guarantor loans from direct lenders near you. It provides a quick cash injection for your immediate requirements. Utilise the LinkedIn premium version the best way by expanding your network, posting regularly and connecting.

4) Contribute to group discussions

While LinkedIn is a purely professional networking platform, Facebook provides an opportunity to interact and contribute to interactive groups. Join specific groups related to the industry and check the discussions going on. Next, check the best ways you can contribute to the discussion thread. It will help you get the eyeballs and showcase your expertise to the right audience.

Moreover, you can spot similar groups on LinkedIn as well. Check the groups like HR professionals, sales Leadership forums, digital marketing groups, Web designing, Big data and analytics professional groups and customer success forums.

5) Shoutout if you are looking for a job

It is the most important thing to consider while optimising the social media profile. You must update your employment status on LinkedIn by keeping your status as “ Looking for opportunities” or part-time opportunities, etc. It reveals your profile to potential employers. However, to get viewed, you must use the right phrases in your profile.

It improves the searchability of the profile. For example, if seeking a job as a content writer, use hashtags like- content writing jobs, writing jobs, and work-from-home opportunities in your profile. You can also use these phrases to search for jobs on LinkedIn.

6) Join industry chat on Twitter

Look for discussions and chats that revolve around your industry and career. Joining an online community helps you remain updated with industry trends and news. Additionally, it helps you meet important personalities and connect with them. You can also use the platform to showcase your skills and expertise by participating in discussions. Generally, you may notice these conversations weekly on Twitter.

You can even create a thread on your Twitter profile. However, for this m you would need to research well. Individuals with bare means may struggle to collect sufficient material to study. If you can relate, check loans for young adults for your needs.  Having a comprehensive page revealing the detailed discussion on a thread helps you earn an employer’s eye. However, employers preferring research qualities may find your profile apt.

Bottom line

These are some popular ways to use social media platforms for the job searching. Identify the relevant social media platforms that align with your niche and industry. Moreover, engage continuously with the platforms by interacting with groups and posting relevant content. It helps you gain the attention of the potential employers.  Additionally, remain active with the company and job search and update skills accordingly. It will help you get the best job offer.

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